DIVA Strawberry Mint


Cosmopolitan DIVA Strawberry Mint

Highlights: 92 Kcal, Vegan, real strawberries and refreshing
Country: Latvia EU
Region: Latvia
Ingredient: Carbonated fermented apple wine based drink
Alcohol: 6 %
Cork: Natural Cork 12 x 75cl Cardboard Box
Slim 92 Kcal calories per serving, Vegan
Gluten Free, No artificial colorings
3.8 Scores
Food Pairing as below:


Quantity Price
1 - 11 $100
12 - 23 $95
24+ $90

Cosmopolitan DIVA Strawberry Mint

DIVA Strawberry Mint Fusion is indulgent mix of real strawberries and refreshing, light taste of mint. Romance is in the air. Each drop of this divine sparkling has passed through an exclusive pure gold filtration system to make it as special as you are.  It delivers new sensations with a tempting and surprising mix of juicy strawberries and the refreshing, light taste of mint.

Enjoy chilled and match with fruit desserts, cakes and light creamy cheeses. It is ideal as an aperitif.

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